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A social media aggregator tool that allows you to collect and display social media content to your audience on any screen or website.

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Social Media Aggregator

A Powerful Social Media Aggregator Tool

Aggreto is a social media aggregator tool that pulls your live social media feeds from multiple social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, G+, Youtube using hashtags or handles or page URL and allows you to create a social wall for your brand or business. A useful social media aggregator for events, conference, website, wedding, online shops, sports teams, musicians, celebrities, social media teams, developers, designers, charities, and many more. It gives you the power to display user-generated content on any screen, television, projector, digital signage, jumbotrons, billboard or on the website too.

Why choose us

Our aim is to provide a platform to marketers or people, where they can give a human touch to their marketing efforts

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Create Conversation

Use social media aggregator tool at your event, conference, office, retail store and generate huge conversation for your brand or business.

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Build Trust

Give a humanize touch to your marketing and show your brand's social media content to the audience using our live social media wall.

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Improve Dwell Time

Embed social media feed on web pages and hold your online visitors on your website for a long time.

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Increase Conversion Rates

Display user-generated content as social proof and drive sales by increasing traffic on your e-commerce website.

How it works
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Pull content all together from multiple social media networks

Use our social media aggregator and collect your social media posts from various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube via a specific hashtag, handle and URL.


Moderate, Customize and Design your social wall

Then remove the bad content (posts) using our powerful moderation panel and design your social wall in our custom design section. Here you can update card style, font color, font style, background image, banner, ticker, CSS and can add your own branding on social wall.

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Display or Embed your social media wall anywhere

Now it is time to showcase your user generated content to the world. Display our responsive social media wall on any size of the screen like digital signage, TV, projector during the event, conference, concert, wedding, convocation. Or embed our light-weighted social wall on your business website.

Features of Our Social Media Aggregator
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Beautiful Theme

Our social aggregator tool has a wide collection of beautiful themes that perfectly fits on any occasion and use case. Use them to embed social wall on the website or display on digital screens during events.

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Customize Design

Give a stunning look to your social media wall with our custom design feature. Update card style, font style, font color, background, banner, ticker and add your own branding (logo, icon) on the social wall.

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Powerful Moderation

Take control of your aggregated social media content. Remove bad or offensive content in real-time with our Moderation panel. Exclude unwanted posts manually or set rules to filter out content automatically.

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Add Custom Post

Add your own custom content on the social wall. Use our custom post feature to add custom content directly on your live social wall without posting on social media. It will look like your other social posts.

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Add Announcements

Give a special space to your sponsors, show sponsor's logo and highlight anything like news, announcements, and discount offers to your audience on a live social media wall using a full-screen announcement.

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Profanity Filter

Keep your social wall clean and spam-free. Use our predefined profanity list of swear words to filter out bad and unwanted social media content from your social wall. Users can upload your own list as well.

We Support These Networks

Our social media aggregator tool supports many social media networks, collect and curate your all social media content at one place in a quick time.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • RSS
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
Where can you use it
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Hashtag Campaign

Boost the performance of your hashtag campaigns with our Social Wall, Twitter Wall, and Instagram Wall solution. Display the user generated content of your hashtag campaign on a digital screen or embed them on website.

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Event & Wedding

Display all your social media user-generated content on big screens at events, festivals, concerts, weddings, product launch parties, college convocation, universities, churches, retail stores, shopping mall and many more.

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Web Embed

Give a reason to website visitors to spend more time on your business website. Embed social media feed on website with easy embedded code and create a social media hub to showcase your social proofs to visitors.

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Office & Conference

Place a TV screen at your office areas or conference hall and run a social media wall on it. Encourage your visitors, employees, and guests to post about their views and experience with your hashtag on social media.

Social Media Aggregator Api

API Projects

Get social media content with one API in the form of JSON or XML and use it in your own way. Our API solution gives complete control of visualizing social content without limitations and saves development time & money.

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Retail Display

Collect and display your earned user-generated content like product reviews, service experiences or feedbacks in your retail store and shopping mall through a live social wall. Build trust among customers and increase sales.

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