Benefits of Using Social Wall for Schools and Universities

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Notice boards and speaker announcements have been a part of students’ life for a long time. Both have played a significant role in passing out the information to the students and establish internal communication in schools and universities.

Nowadays, everything has come up digitally. In this manner, it is the right time for educational institutes to start capitalizing on social media tools to increase interaction and communication among students and faculties. In recent years, many educational institutes have made use of social media aggregators and social media walls in schools and universities to serve a variety of purposes.

Significant changes have proposed in educational associations, and a noteworthy evolution has observed with these digital advancements such as social media aggregator and social wall. However, it has been observed that these digital tools can be utilized for different purposes in educational organizations.

Benefits of implementing a social wall at School and University

There are many such ways you can utilize a social media wall for educational institutes. You can embed a social hub on a website or can display social wall on a digital screen or show it at an event.

The best part of having a social wall in schools and universities is that it helps in keeping the corresponding lines open between educators, students, guardians, and administrative staff. It can likewise be used to elevate the school to proposed students.

Let’s figure out a few ways of how social media walls can be beneficial for Schools and Universities.

#1. Create a community

Social media walls will help you to create a community or network with students. This will encourage interaction and commitment among students. Through this community, schools and colleges can easily communicate with students & faculties and also utilize this to spread news, notification, information to students regarding events, classes, etc.

#2. Share campus life with new students

With a social media wall, you can attract new students to your school by showing them the activities that are going on in campus regularly. Additionally, you can show them the experience of existing students about how they are enjoying their campus life. The motive is to help new students in settling the choice of picking the best school as per their convenience and requirements.

#3. Earn real user-generated content

It’s all about the creativity that you need to show. When people post something for your school or university on social media platforms then it’s the user-generated content for you. That can be curated with the help of social wall; you can use it as an advertising tool as well. Use your earned UGC for marketing purpose to attract new students. Social media wall will help you to earn more authentic user-generated content.

#4. Display social experience to visitors

Education institutes can use social wall to showcase their social media experiences to visitors. Social wall can be an extraordinary expansion of your lobby, reception hall or entrance hall. Display social media feed wall on digital signage at your reception area. It may very well act as a conversational center point for the individuals, which is visible right from where people enter the building.

#5. Embed social media feed on the Institution website

A website plays an important role in the showcase important information to the world related to your institution. School’s website helps you to populate that information adequately to the targeted audience. You can add the latest news and essential information on the website. Education institutes can also display their social media feeds of multiple social media platforms on the school or university website. Embedding social media feeds using social wall on website will help you to add more verity. Using a social feed wall on website, you can keep your website refresh and help your website visitors to see your social media presence through website.

#6. Increase engagement during the convocation ceremony

A social wall is an effective way to gather all aspects or memories of convocation day in one spot. In that way, with the help of a social wall, you can make the convocation ceremony more joyful and engaging. You can show the student’s emotions and reactions during the ceremony that they have shared on social media. The social wall helps to encourage more students and attendees to use event hashtag and post something on social media. Simply, place a social media wall at your convocation ceremony and collect all the hashtag feeds from Twitter and Instagram.

#7. Social wall for conference, lectures and academic events

Educational institutes can use the social wall to generate more conversations during conferences, lectures, and academic events. A social media wall helps you to focus on the discussion and increase the interaction between students and speakers. It additionally allows students to see the event conversation online that missed the event. On many occasions, students unable to ask questions to speakers, so they can ask their questions through a social wall.

#8. Boost hashtag campaigns

Give a jumpstart to your hashtag campaigns and increase more awareness through social wall during the school’s fundraising events. Embed hashtag feeds on website or displays them on digital signage at your school area and exhibit live hashtag feeds to people. Social wall motivates people to be an important part of this social cause.

#9. Generate buzz during sports events

Social wall can be a useful way to generate huge buzz during sports events in schools and colleges. Using a social wall for sports events, the audience can cheer up their favorite team and motivate them to give their best. Not only in sports events you can use it for other events as well. Social media wall will help you to circulate the event information among students and create a strong internal communication.

All in all, it can be stated that a social media wall for educational institutes can help you to reap many benefits by urging students to impart their experiences for your school. So, bring your campus culture to life online by using a social wall.

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