Benefits Of Using A Social Media Aggregator Tool For Your Business

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In today’s era, every single business relies on social media to beat their competitors. Why not? Social media is an ideal platform for interactions and networking. Brands aggressively plan their strategy to gain more attention from users. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the main social media platform where users like to spend their time.

To manage and build more trust between users, brands and business are using social media aggregator tools.

What is Social Media Aggregator?

Social media aggregator is the easiest way, where you can collect and curate live social media feeds of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. It allows you to aggregate multiple social network feed through a specific hashtag or handles in real-time.

Social Media Aggregator tool

Social media aggregators, also known as a social aggregator, social media feed aggregators, social media content aggregators, social network aggregator, etc. With the help of social media aggregation tools, you can create a social wall.

What is a Social Wall?

Social wall is a solution where you can display your aggregated social media feeds. You can run a social wall on any digital screen like digital signage, tv, projectors, billboard, jumbotrons or you can embed it on your business website too. A Social wall is a useful way to increase audience engagement during events, wedding, conference, concerts and many more.

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Benefits Of Social Media Aggregator Tool

Social media aggregators are more easy, time-saving, cost-efficient and just so much more! So here are 6 advantages of social media aggregator tools. Have a look!

1. Time And Cost-Efficient

Social media marketing is a crucial part of any business or brand. To create and perform an effective social media marketing, businesses need effective social media tools too that can add value to their business. These social media tools will come at a high price and this is a drawback, but the good thing is a social media aggregation tool will save your time, money and efforts by making other areas of your social media marketing more productive.

Now one doesn’t need to approach plenty of traditional advertisement making sources like newspapers, hoardings, etc. Instead, there are social media aggregators who charge you some money and in return, they take the responsibility of searching data, analyzing content, advertising, etc.

2. Increase Audience Engagement

Social media aggregation tool helps to increase audience engagement in the most effective and innovative way. It helps to establish a connection between the audience and the brand. This is a whole new way for the brands to interact with their customers. This strategy is a new trend. During events and exhibitions, participants can post live updates that aggregate the content for the event organizers.

Increase Audience Engagement

Through a social media aggregator tool, brands can create a social wall (aka Instagram wall and Twitter wall) which is highly efficient in generating engagement during events and exhibitions. When the audience posts anything related to the event on social media using event hashtag, social media aggregator collects those feeds and showcase on the social wall. It allows the audience to get featured on a big screen during the event and increases the engagement.

After the event, you can display such social media posts in the gallery of your website.

3. Content Curation And Moderation

Except for collecting all social media posts at one place, a best social media aggregator tool should have quality content moderation as well.

Collecting social media posts is really a tough task but curation and moderation of that content are tougher. So, don’t ignore the value of content curation and moderation, when you are searching for the best social media aggregator.

Social Media Aggregator

Content curation helps you to identify the most relevant and engaging content and create a sense of community for your audience. It removes bad and inappropriate content in real-time and gives you quality content to display on the social wall.

4. Beat The Competitors

With better and smart use of social media aggregator tools, one can actually fight the competition. The ones who are using these tools today are advertising themselves much better. After all, the business world is all about competition and teaches how to grow with it.

Beat The Competitors

Along with that, one can monitor the modern networking strategies and their competition. Monitor what your competitor’s audience share on social media, analyze what resonating well with their audience and plan your strategy accordingly. And make their audience yours.

5. Keep An Eye On Trends

Keep yourself ahead of the trend with social media aggregator. It enables you to monitor what’s trending in your industry. Keep an eye on popular and trending hashtags relevant to your business category and make sure you don’t miss anything and don’t let yourself behind to your competitors.

Keep An Eye On Trends

Collect all relevant content from various social media platforms, analyzing content closely and identify your key influencers in your niche through social aggregators and increase engagement with them.

6. Turn Social Proof Into Sales

Collect your social media user generated content through social network aggregator tools and embed them on your business website. This is an ideal way to build more trust among your customers. In this cut-throat competition, users don’t believe in artificial marketing like TV ads, newspaper ads. They believe in some realistic marketing, where people rely on the feedback and actions of others to help them to decide what is good or bad.

Display your real user’s social media feedback to your customers through a social wall or social media hub on website or at your shopping mall. Improve the customer’s purchase journey and buying decision.

Final Words,

Now you know about all the benefits of a social media aggregator. So it’s time to research for a best social media aggregator, that can offer you real benefits and fulfill your requirements. Go and grab the best one to boost your business.

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