Top 5 Best Social Media Management Tools For Your Business

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In Today’s time, social media is an ideal way for small businesses to build a solid brand reputation. According to many surveys, we have found that 8 out of 10 people of all age group are using social media daily. So it is quite simple to say that social media is a great platform for your business marketing. Now you are thinking, how simple it is. But No, it is not a simple task as it looks. It needs too much research and a lot of hard work to analyze the performance of your social media profiles.

To performing on social media, you need to keep an active presence on all major social media networks. This is the only way to win from your competitors. Each and every brand marketers are giving their as much as possible effort to achieve their target on social media. So you need to be smarter than your competitors.

Now the question is, how?

How can you be more active than your competitors? Or how can you keep an active presence on social media?

So here is the solution, use good social media management tools. Social media management tools can improve your business efficiency and give you better results.

In this article, I am going to talk about some best social media management tools that can be useful for your business marketing.  Many Social Media Management tools have similar features but you can choose them according to your need.

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Here are 5 of the best social media management tools available;

#1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social - Social Media Management Tool

Sprout Social is a great all in one social media management platform that offers engagement, publishing, analytics, scheduling, monitoring, reporting, and collaboration. It is a combination of several social media tools. With sprout social, you can manage your social media activities such as to monitor your social media mentions, schedule posts in advance and use it’s reporting to tool to get information. You can manage multiple social profiles at the same time. It integrates with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. Its single-stream inbox allows you to manage your message at one place. It is a great and beneficial platform for small and large scale social business teams.

Price: It has 30-day free trial and divided into three upgrade plans on a monthly basis.

Premium Plan – $99, Include 5 social profile

Premium Plan – $149, Include 10 social profile

Corporate Plan – $249, Include 10 social profile and advanced features

Website: Sprout Social

#2. Buffer

Buffer - Social Media Management Tool

Buffer is an insightful and efficient social media management platform. Many brand promoters, businesses marketers and agencies using it to drive meaningful engagement and outcomes on social media.

Buffer is quite easy to use and has a nice visual. Through this tool, you can manage your all social media posts in one place. You can easily share posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and Pinterest. You can also schedule your social media posts in Buffer. You can optimize, track and analyses your social media activities with the help of advanced social analytics feature which only available in the business plan. Overall this is a great tool for social media marketers.

Price: It has 2 starter plans Free ($0) and Pro ($15) and 3 business plans on a monthly basis. Small, Medium and Large.

Small Plan – $99, 25 social accounts

Medium Plan – $199, 50 social accounts

Large Plan – $399, 150 social accounts

Website: Buffer

#3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite - Social Media Management Tool

Easily manage your all social media at one place. Hootsuite is a professional level social media management tool used by over 15 million users. You can easily track and analyze your social media campaigns performance.

It allows you to curate content and schedule social posts, calculate your social ROI, run social media campaigns at one place.

With Hootsuite, you can monitor multiple keywords and accounts and can do bulk scheduling.

Price: It has 3 different plans for teams and organizations of any size and has one custom plan.

Professional Plan – $29, 10 Social Profiles

Team Plan – $129, 20 Social Profiles

Business Plan – $599, 35 Social Profiles

Website: Hootsuite

#4. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse - Social Media Tool

Simplify your social media marketing with Agora Pulse. Like above-mentioned tools, Agora Pulse is also a great tool for social media management. It allows users to build meaningful relationships with the community.

With Agora Pulse, you can generate reports, schedule and publish content on six different social media platforms. Apart from it, Agora Pulse also has some unique features like competitor analysis and facebook content apps at an affordable cost.

Price: It has 4 different plans for any size of businesses.

Small Plan – $49, 3 Social Profiles

Medium Plan – $99, 10 Social Profiles

Large Plan – $199, 25 Social Profiles

Enterprise Plan – $299, 40 Social Profiles

Website: Agora Pulse

#5. Sendible

Sendible - Social Media Tool

With Sendible you can pull posts and comments from the social site like Facebook, Twitter, and flicker and can easily manage and respond to them from one place. Like buffer and Hootsuite, Sendible also gives you the opportunity to engage with people, track and analyze your social media campaigns.

Sendible specifically builds for agencies; you can customize your dashboard according to your need to attract new clients.

Price: It also has 4 different plans for different size of businesses.

Micro Plan – $29, 12 Services

Small Plan – $99, 48 Services

Medium Plan – $199, 105 Services

Large Plan – $299, 192 Services

Website: Sendible

Here we’ve covered our best 5 social media management tools. Which one is your favorite? or you have another one? Share with us.

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