How to Create a Successful Hashtag Campaign for Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Now is the time when the world out there can really hear us out. With the coming of modern Industrial revolution, where people are focusing on social media, this is possible. We advertise through social media, learn, and are so much connected at this platform. Surely, social media is an important part of our daily routines.

Hashtag Campaign

People come together and support an idea. They have the power to change things if it is for the good. It is kind of running a campaign. In earlier times they used to happen with people coming out on the streets, but now you see, just social media platform is always more than enough. Well, yes I am talking about the hashtags.

The use of hashtags begin by August 2007, however technically they in recent years play a major role. Hashtag does a really good job when it comes to create and initiate a subject on social media for awareness or promotion.

In recent years, many brands started a few hashtag campaigns. For some brands, it was a great success but on the other hand, it proved as a complete failure for some brands. After many observations found the reason for success and failure was the pattern behind the curation of the hashtag campaign.

Creating a successful hashtag campaign is all about the maximum number of people following and tagging themselves as a part of the campaign. This comes with creating a planned hashtag.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtag

Without keywords, SEO strategy is incomplete. Because keywords play the most important role to help you to reach your business ranking on the first page of Google. Same goes with hashtags. Like keywords are important for Google same as hashtags are important for the hashtag campaign on Social media platforms.

A unique and user-friendly hashtag can easily get more followers and awareness for you. But before this, you need to select an attractive and relevant hashtag.

Finding the right hashtag is really a brainstorming task. Search a hashtag which can reflect your brand image correctly. Follow the below given useful tips for choosing a good hashtag.


#1. Keep it small and simple. (Follow KISS Rule).

#2. Hashtag should be easy to use and eye-catching.

#3. Pick a hashtag that can be unique and relevant to your brand.

#4. Hashtag should be meaningful.


#5. Don’t use copied hashtag or other’s hashtag.

#6. Don’t use punctuation mark (,!@$:;”) in hashtag.

#7. Avoid hashtags that have a double meaning – Eg: #susanalbumparty (Right meaning – Susan Album Party).

#8. Avoid long hashtags.

Create a successful Hashtag Campaign

#1. Target your audience

Before actually doing something, plan things out. We need to know who are we targeting. For example, the #10YearsChallenge thing campaign is targeting the young people who are active on social media and can share their pictures of this day and one of ten years back.

Along with this, tracking the social media activity of the targeted group is the next important step. The most used social media platform like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook happen to be suitable for stating such a hashtag campaign. This is because there is just plenty of crowd seen using these apps.

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#2. Choose a unique, short and meaningful pile of words

Again, the hashtag must not be long enough. The pile of words must have only 7-8 words maximum. I recommend using the least lengthy sentence that would be enough to describe the entire motto. This way people find it easier to read, remember and follow.

Wrong hashtag: #thishashtagissuperlongandhardtoread

Right hashtag: #MuchBetter


The hashtags are written without providing space between the words. Once written on a social media handle like on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., the software automatically gives it a hyperlink. This way people can not just follow it but also can tag themselves using the hashtag if they are relatable.

#3. Chip into multiple channels

I say this because these days, people engage themselves in multiple social media accounts. The mentality of the people to follow the trend is actually what plays a role in here. Upon finding the use of the same hashtag campaign running over multiple social media apps, they get pleased to use them. This is also the way they choose to support. So it is a good idea to run a hashtag campaign on multiple social platforms.

#4. Be genuine

We all have the power to mobilize the crowd. We can influence people more easily these days with the advent of such platforms. But we are equally responsible for creating content that is ethical right! Content that hurts the sentiments of other people or is inappropriate is inhuman right. We have the power to change the thinking of the people. So why not do things that will help everyone.

#5. Use it as marketing opportunities

As we are talking about how beneficial and trendy it is these days, it can actually be used for marketing strategies. Moreover, people are actually using them. People set a trend and sell their products by creating such social media awareness. Not just it creates awareness but also you can increase your customers at this platform. Do your best to indulge the people and channel their attention towards your goal.

#6. Increase mentions

To increase the people visiting your page or using your hashtag, one way is to mention related people or pages. As you keep doing, it increases the range of people knowing about it. It further opens up another dimension of people following you.

#7. Keep Participation Scheme Simple

There are two main reasons behind failing a hashtag campaign. One is the participation of fewer people and another is the hashtag gets hijacked by the wrong people. The first experience can be the worst one. So it is important when you have created your campaign then make sure that people are interacting with your hashtag and connecting with it. As much as people will participate in your campaign, the more engagement you will receive. So keep your participation scheme simple and smooth for people.

#8. Showcase User-Generated Content in Real-time

Show the generated conversation in real-time to your audience to gain more outreach for your campaign. Collect your all post from multiple social channels using social media aggregator tool and create a Social Wall. Run this social wall at your events on a digital signage display. You can also embed this social wall on your business website.

A Social wall is an aggregated form of social feeds or posts from sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that can be displayed on any digital signage display or embedded on the webiste.

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Alternatively, you may also use the Twitter wall and Instagram wall for collecting user generated content from a specific social platform using your brand hashtag.


These are some of the most useful tips to create a successful hashtag campaign for your social media marketing. So, what are you still waiting for? Create a hashtag campaign and increase your brand awareness.

We see with modernization the techniques to connect with people are also getting modern. I hope my tips are going to be useful. Happy surfing!

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