What Is The Difference Between Social Wall, Twitter Wall, And Instagram Wall?

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Everyone is familiar with the concept of a social wall. It is quite popular technology among agencies and brands in today’s time. Every single brand relies on the social wall, due to the power of boosting hashtag campaigns and increasing trust among people. People know it with many different names like Twitter Wall, Tweet Wall, and Instagram Wall. They think social wall, twitter wall and Instagram wall all are the same concepts.

Yes, the concept is similar but their capabilities of content aggregation are different. Through this blog, I am going to explain here all the differences between the Instagram wall, Social wall, and Twitter wall. I’ll also explain how you can choose the best social wall for your next event or website.

So, let’s start

Social Wall Vs Twitter Wall Vs Instagram Wall

In short, Instagram wall and Twitter wall support only single networks; Instagram and Twitter, whereas the social wall support multiple social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

Let’s discuss it in detail,

What is a Twitter Wall?

A Twitter wall is a platform that empowers you to collect, curate and display tweets at one place in real-time. With the help of the Twitter aggregator tool, you can gather all twitter feeds using a specific hashtag, handle or keyword and create a live twitter wall. Through the hashtag, handle and keyword, you can collect a variety of content like video, image, re-tweets or text. The Twitter wall is also known as the Tweet wall. Twitter wall basically supports only one social network; In other words, you can fetch and display only Twitter content through the Twitter wall.

Aggreto Twitter Wall

After collecting all tweets, you can use it anywhere such as can embed live twitter feed on website or can display tweets on a digital screen during events. Twitter walls are mostly popular for events, conferences, weddings, festivals, concerts, hashtag campaigns, music fests, convocation events and many more.

There are many other ways also available to integrate Twitter on your website. Read the following article if you want to know more about it: Effective Ways to Integrate Twitter on Your Website

What is an Instagram Wall?

The Instagram wall is an aggregated solution of Instagram posts. It collects all Instagram feed using a hashtag or handles and permits you to display on any digital screen or website. The Instagram wall can collect two types of content from Instagram; one, public content through hashtags, and another is branded content using handle or username. Similarly like a Twitter wall, the Instagram wall also supports only one dedicated social platform that is Instagram.

Aggreto Instagram Wall

With the help of an Instagram aggregator tool, anyone can easily create an Instagram wall that will help you to display Instagram hashtag feed anywhere from mobile screen to jumbotron. Instagram wall term also refers to making an Instagram printed photo collage on a solid wall as well. But here I am discussing Instagram social wall that can be displayed on a digital screen or can be embedded on the website.

Mostly event planners, wedding planners and e-commerce platforms are effectively using it. It gives them the opportunity to increase audience engagement and generated a huge buzz during any event. For eCommerce sectors, the Instagram wall is a true blessing. Because the Instagram wall is also gives shopping features (Call to Action) that convert feeds into shoppable posts. Hence shoppable feature means more conversions.

What is a Social Wall?

Social wall also is known as a social media wall, is a social content aggregation tool that allows you to pull together all social media feed from multiple social sites and aggregate at one place. Instagram wall and Twitter wall are individual parts of a social wall; they only support their respective single social platforms. But on the other hand social wall collects content from various social networks including Instagram and Twitter.

Aggreto Social Wall

With the help of a social media aggregator tool, you can create a stunning social wall for your website or event. The social wall comes with many benefits. It allows you to –

  • Tell your brand story to the audience in an attractive way,
  • Increase audience engagement during events,
  • Aggregate user-generated content from multiple platforms,
  • Build brand trust among people,
  • Give your marketing to humanize touch,
  • Increase conversion rate for your eCommerce business,
  • Generate massive exposure for your brand.

Social media wall or content wall can be beneficial for various occasions. You can embed it on your business website or can use it for your events like conferences, weddings, music fest, tradeshow, meetings, etc.

Currently, many industries deploying social wall to increase the trust value of their brand. Use it for industries like an event, retail, malls, technical, hospitality, education, office, agencies, etc. it will never disappoint you.

What is a Wedding Hashtag Wall?

Wedding wall or Wedding hashtag wall one another type of social wall (also known as social wedding wall). In simple words, a wedding hashtag wall where you can collect, curate and display all wedding photos of social media. It is a perfect way to make your wedding more engaging and allow everyone to get involved in this.

Wedding Hashtag Wall by Aggreto

Similarly like a social wall, you can collect social media posts on wedding walls from multiple social networks using wedding hashtags. Create a wedding hashtag and incorporate social media in your wedding.

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How to choose the best social wall?

A social media wall should have many awesome features to become a perfect social wall. So, let’s discuss in detail, how you can choose the best social wall for your business and what feature it should have?

1. Customize Designs

Custom Design of social wall aggreto

A perfect social wall should have a responsive and custom design feature, which allows you to display social wall on any size of screen devices from mobile screens to billboards and customize the design of your wall according to your needs. In customization, where you can add your own brand logo and can change the background and modify card style so your social wall can perfectly coordinate with your event or brand image.

2. Robust Moderation Panel

The moderation panel allows you to discard bad and inappropriate content from the social wall in real-time. With the moderation panel, you can take charge of your social content. No one wants that their brand will become a part of embarrassment so the moderation panel keeps it simple for you.

Moderation Panel of Social wall aggreto

In this moderation, you can remove and exclude bad posts before going live; you can also block specific words and users. So when any post will find that have included those spam words and users, moderation panel will automatically remove that. So this feature is really needed when it comes to employing a social wall. Many cheap and free tools don’t give you a moderation panel or maybe they will charge you extra for this feature. So pick the best one wisely.

3. Support Multiple Networks

Social media aggregator

As I have already discussed above, the social wall is a combination of posts collected from multiple social networks. So, it is good to go with a social wall that supports many networks and has the capability to collect posts from major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, LinkedIn, YouTube, RSS and many more.

4. Sponsorship Integration

Sponsorship on social wall

Yes, sponsorship integration is very important when it comes to using a social wall for an event. A social wall should have a feature that will allow you to give a special space to your sponsors. On that sponsored post, you can display the logo of sponsors. Sponsors will definitely enjoy that moment when they will see their brand logos on a big screen with a social wall. Of course! Because social wall would be the center of attraction in any event.

5. Social Wall Analytics

Social Wall analytics

Analytics is a must-have feature to analyze and monitor the social wall’s entire performance.  A best social media wall should have an analytics feature that allows you to keep complete tracking over your social wall content. Also, you can analyze your most active users, can monitor the best performing social platforms and can see audience engagement with the social wall.

So, what’s next?

Now you have a complete understanding of various live walls. I have also covered all the best features that a social wall should have. If I missed something then use the comment box and share your words with me. I would love to hear back from you.

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