Top 3 Tools To Display Live Twitter Feed at Events and Conferences

Event Marketing

The growing popularity of Twitter in social circles, corporate events, and conferences is not an unknown phenomenon.

In fact, the marketing reports indicate that Twitter and events/conferences are a great fit!

This brings our focus of attention to tools that let us use Twitter to escalate audience engagement at any event or conference.

One such amazing tool is Twitter Wall. Let’s learn more about Twitter Walls or Tweet Walls.

Shall we?

What Is A Twitter Wall And What Does It Do?

In today’s digital world, although most of us are no strangers to twitter jargon yet we understand the fact that many might still not resonate with the term “Twitter Wall”.

A Twitter wall is like a social media wall that exhibits on a digital screen and shows the collected live twitter feeds on a single screen to event attendees or audience.

Live Social Wall for Events

In other words, a Twitter Wall is a digital screen that very playfully and attractively exhibits feeds and updates from Twitter using hashtag in real-time thereby engaging the audience under its visible reach.

It is a great tool to enhance audience participation and engagement in the event or conference happenings.

It not only helps you advertise your event/brand hashtag among your target audience but also helps you convert your event/conference into a live contest in which everyone actively participates.

This, in turn, increases the event ROI for the organizers.

Twitter Wall Vs Social Media Wall

Twitter wall is a little bit different from social media wall. Twitter wall is a collection of Twitter feeds only whereas social media wall collects user generated content from multiple social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Through a Twitter wall, you can collect live twitter feeds via hashtag, handle and keywords. Also, it allows you to moderate your posts in real-time before going live on screens. You can remove and filter the bad posts and words.

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Is A Twitter Wall Useful Only When The Event Is Live?

If you think that a Twitter Wall will serve you well only during events and conferences then you’re highly mistaken my friend!

A Twitter Wall is a dynamic and multi-purpose social media tool that won’t let your investment go down the drain. Here is how a Twitter Wall can help you in multiple ways not just during the event but prior and after the event too.

  1. Prior to the event, a Twitter Wall can help you spread information about the event to your target audience like timing, various campaigns, shows, speakers, contests, etc.
  2. During the event, Twitter Walls are just the thing that you need to magnetically attract your attendees. The audience readily engages and interacts with the Twitter Wall by actively posting tweets, event images and updates on Twitter.
  3. Twitter Walls significantly help you to collect and categorize Twitter content for your event thereby allowing you to strategize your content management better.
  4. Post the event, the Analytics from the Twitter Wall backend gives you a complete insight into the performance of your Twitter Wall giving you details of audience engagement and interaction.

Tools To Display Live Twitter Feed at Events and Conferences

As of this present day, there are many tools in the market that help you display live Twitter feeds at events and conferences.

Here, we have mentioned such three amazing tools that will assist you in creating beautiful and engaging Tweet Wall for your events and conferences giving your audience an experience of a lifetime.

Come, let’s have a look.


Aggreto Twitter Wall

Aggreto is a social media aggregator and display tool that lets you display real-time Twitter feeds and updates on customized Twitter Wall.

It is highly responsive and comes with customizable layouts that adapt to any screen size ranging from an LED screen to jumbotrons.

Its distinct themes, designs, colorful banners, and creative add-ons give you the wings to create your unique brand image.

Using Aggreto to display live Twitter feeds at events and conferences is really simple indeed.

Display Live Twitter Feed at event

All you need to do is start by connecting your Twitter account and describe the source of aggregation (hashtag, handle or keyword) and the rest of the process will follow. The tool itself guides you through it.

You can regulate, moderate, and customize your Twitter Wall with Aggreto. Don’t miss out on this amazing tool if you wish to leave your event audience mesmerized. It even comes with a free 14-days trial.

Display Live Twitter Feed at Event

Try Aggreto, The Most Powerful Event Engagement Tool


HootFeed by HootSuite

Hootfeed is another cool way to display a live Twitter stream in your event or conference.

This easy-to-use tool is a great way to animate your Twitter feeds and present it to your audience enhancing their overall engagement with the event activities.

hootfeed - display live twitter feed

Getting started with Hootfeed is really easy. All you need to do is just enter your email address and the concerned keyword. And that’s it. The processes will self-kick start.

You can also preview your Hootfeed Twitter Wall before displaying it in events.



TweetBeam is yet another tool to create live Twitter Walls and display your Twitter activity to your event audience.

You can collect, customize, moderate, display or embed Twitter feeds in events, conferences, and even websites.


TweetBeam lets you convert your event into an interactive experience by letting everyone post on your Twitter Wall and be a part of it.

Over To You…

Embracing Twitter Walls for your events and conferences helps to escalate audience engagement to an altogether another level.

You must definitely try one for your next event.

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