6 Standout Social Media Marketing Campaigns You Can Learn From

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Today, social media marketing has cover up the whole business strategies that helps the owners to increase the profits as well as making a brand image in the mind of people. This is the business strategy to reinforce social media platforms. Social media marketing campaigns have played a very important role in business growth. It helps to create a brand image in the minds of potential customers.

What is a social media campaign?

Social media campaign is an execution of social media planning and advertising strategy that helps businesses to increase brand awareness, interaction, identify key performance indicators and achieve business goals. Social media campaigns designed to promote information about a product, service, or brand using one or more social media platforms. The results of social media campaigns are measured through analytics and sales revenue outcomes.

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Social media campaigns are different from everyday social media efforts; they are strategically focused, have goals to achieve, and targeted to influence social media users.

6 Examples of Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

To give you an idea about the marketing strategy through a successful social media marketing campaign, we are giving 6 examples of it.

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1. Apple – #ShotOniPhone

#ShotOniPhone is the best example of a social media campaign to increase user engagement in brand marketing. The marketing strategy is used by apple for each launch of the iPhone. In 2019, Apple kicked off with the most amazing social media campaign. In this marketing strategy, Apple invited iPhone users to share their best shots. Apple challenged iPhone users to click a picture on their iPhone and upload it on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and so on with hashtag #ShotOniPhone.

Through this hashtag campaign, Apple wanted to show the quality and capabilities of its iPhone camera to the world. Apple also announced that 10 winning photos will be featured on billboards in select cities, Apple retail stores and online. It creates a curiosity among the people to buy an iPhone and get the benefits thus contest. It was a pure user-generated content contest. With these types of contests, companies have to give minimal marketing inputs & efforts and get maximal social recognition.

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2. Make-A-Wish Foundation – #ShareYourEars

This is the joint social media campaign of two companies that are Make-A-Wish Foundation and Disney. In 2015, they came together to raise money for a great cause, which is known as the #ShareYourEars campaign.

They came together for the purpose to spread the message and to double their audience as singular efforts. In the #ShareYourEars campaign, Disney would donate $5 to Make-A-Wish Foundation for every photo that people will share wearing Mickey Mouse ears. They have to post the picture on social media with #ShareYourEars caption. This brilliant idea gave them a user-generated content campaign that increased their success rate with tremendously due to high user engagement from the followers of these two brands.

In results, originally, Disney was going to donate up to 1 million dollars to the cause but after getting huge success, Disney doubled that amount to 2 million dollars immediately.

3. Worldwide Breast Cancer – #KnowYourLemons

#KnowYourLemons is a simple and creative initiative to spread awareness among women about breast cancer and its symptoms. Worldwide Breast Cancer took one step ahead and run Know Your Lemons campaign to educate every woman about breast cancer and how they can do self-examine.

In this campaign, 12 lemons in a tray are showing the 12 different signs of breast cancer. Here, women get aware that not every lump is the sign of breast cancer but to prevent any disease they should have to take a regular mammography appointment of their breast. They also give information about the procedure of breast cancer check-up so that you will know yourself and take preventive actions earlier.

This campaign gained huge reaches. The social awareness message has reached 7.3 million people via Facebook posts. This campaign pays an important impact on women’s life.

4. Air Bnb – #WeAccept

#WeAccept was a very strong and successful social media marketing campaign which has launched in November 2016. This marketing campaign is mainly designed for the purpose of prevalent people from discrimination practices based on religion, race, nationality, gender disability or age. This campaign received a great response from the audience positive as well as negative.

When the US federal government announced a travel ban in 7 Muslim-majority nations then Airbnb begins this incredible campaign to transform its own community commitment into a global campaign. #WeAccept has reached to its high-level rate through a social media marketing campaign that drove the conversation around this sensitive and important issue of acceptance. Airbnb has implemented this campaign with the help of professional photographers who invite the picture with a caption of #WeAccept.

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5. Buzzfeed Tasty

Buzzfeed Tasty is a delicious social media marketing campaign. Today, people have no time to cook delicious food in their busy schedule. So, Buzzfeed tasty has started as short video content that supports people with quick and easy food recipes in just no time. The main purpose of the Buzzfeed Tasty campaign is to create addictive food recipe videos that work so quickly. With lesser ingredients, people can cook delicious food with no time. This campaign was essentially built for the Facebook autoplay videos where people can see the short video without sound on.

More than 2000 people have participated in it. These short and sweet videos fulfill the desire of people with tasty food. This campaign has engaged with the audience via trendy social media recipe shows. More than 2000 recipe videos have published by Buzzfeed tasty that gives a steady stream to this new content. Billions of people have liked these videos on Facebook.

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6. Always – #LikeAGirl

#LikeAGirl is an innovative idea for making popular feminine hygiene brand. The main purpose of this campaign is to build confidence among the girls and turning an insult into a confidence movement.

It is quite common among girls to lose confidence during puberty. So, Always came forward and launched hashtag campaign #LikeAGirl to redefine confidence in a way that was more relevant and remain true to the brand.

This social media campaign based on a social experiment that show the impact the phrase ‘like a girl’ had on society during girl’s puberty. Through this social media campaign, Always started a movement and social conversation to create a video that would encourage people to share and take part. With this message, Always empower women by showing a positive way of thinking about a girl.

Final thoughts

Here we have shared 6 innovative examples of successful social media marketing campaigns that made waves in the last few years. From these social media campaigns, you can learn a lot to increase leads, awareness, and sales for your brand. So, if you are planning a marketing campaign then keep these social media campaigns in mind before starting.

If we left something or you have any innovative campaign example in mind that not listed above. Share with us through comments.

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