10 Easy Social Media Marketing Ideas for Christmas

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Gone are the days of shopping during the festive season when people would make a beeline at their favorite shopping destinations. In this digital age, shoppers have become smart and much of their purchases during the festive season happen today via their smartphones or laptops.


According to the trends witnessed in the past five years, many shoppers are using social media to find inspiration to make their next purchase. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are one of the biggest driving forces for shopping, while blogs too continue to play a pivotal role. This makes it very crucial for online businesses to improve their visibility, especially during the festive season.

Holiday Marketing Christmas

Time flies and before you even realize, Christmas will be looming around the corner. With Christmas, comes the festive spirit, which brings along with it numerous promotions, discounts, and offers by various brands. If you have an online business, you need to make full use of this festive season by making great sales.

This can be done by making a smart Christmas campaign that can include attractive offers and discounts on your products and services. If you have not prepared a social media campaign to attract your customers during this festive season, you can use these tips that will make your festive season truly merry.

1. Improve your social media profile

To attract customers, your social media profile must have an eye-catchy appearance. It can’t be done in a way better than by using the colors of this festive season of Christmas. Design your profile picture, cover photo, text and other creatives in Christmas-themed colors and visuals.

Social Media Marketing Ideas for Christmas - Decorate Social Media Profile

Highlight the special offers, share posts in red and green combinations to give a Christmas feel to your social media profile. When people browse your social media profile and come across Christmas-themed photos, they will be motivated to look for special promotional deals.

2. Make a wish come true

When it’s Christmas, what can be a better way to surprise your customers by making their wishes come true. This can be easily done by organizing contests and competitions through which exciting giveaways can be gifted to your customers. Giveaways are a great way to increase brand-user engagement and virality of your social media posts.


It can also help increase your social media fan base through increased followers, likes and shares which can also be organic growth. The virality of your social media campaign can be increased through engaging posts.

3. Publish engaging stories on Facebook and Instagram

Promotion about your brand can be easily done through engaging stories that can be posted on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram are the two major platforms that allow brands to post small clips or images as stories. Brands should utilize this feature to attract more visitors. Brands can post exciting offers, interesting clips, boomerangs videos, upcoming event information, customer’s or user’s reviews and many more.

social media ideas for Christmas - post Instagram story

Other innovative ways to build engagement can include encouraging your team members to share their posts with unique hashtags. Planning a campaign well in advance and scheduling the posts with strategic goals must be done to get the most benefits out of your social media campaign. You can also run polls to further engage your target audience with your brand.

4. Create special offers

During the festive season, people usually splurge on buying their favorite items and are in a generous mood to gift their near and dear ones. Your marketing strategy can be centered around this idea and you can create special offers and discounts to attract more customers.

Social media idea for Christmas - Create special offers

You can prepare attractive images, videos, gifs that are eye-catchy and at the same time communicate aptly about your brand and the offers. The design element can have a heavy influence on the bright colors of Christmas. Run some exciting offers that attract more people to buy your product like buy one get one free or flat 20% discount.

5. Go creative with your content

Creative blogs and articles on topics like festive shopping ideas, festive décor, Christmas ideas, gifts for near and dear ones can be a great way to engage your audience. Readers are sure to like the ideas that can make it easier for them to plan their activities around the festive period.

Christmas Decoration ideas

You can create posts about gift-wrapping ideas, Christmas cake preparation tips, and home décor ideas on Christmas, etc. These informative posts can be coupled with attractive visuals or infographics to make your post stand out.

6. Launch a social media Christmas hashtag campaign

One of the best ways to create engagement about your brand can be through the creation of a hashtag campaign. You can inspire your brand’s followers to use your brand hashtags when they share posts about your brand and its products and services.

Create Social Media Christmas Hashtag Campaign

Many big brands like UPS (#WishesDelivered), Ted Baker (#TedsElfie), Mulberry (#MulberryLights) are the biggest examples of successful social media Christmas campaigns. They launched their hashtag campaigns and gained too much user-generated content for their brand. A hashtag campaign can help you to involve more people in holiday sprite, increase more engagement, generate more brand trust and keep sales high during the holidays.

7. Use social media aggregator and social wall

Social media aggregator and social wall also play a crucial role when you run a hashtag campaign. Social media aggregator allows you to collect your all hashtag posts from multiple social media platforms at one place. Also, with the help of a social media aggregator tool, you can collate all the user-generated content and embed it on your website to showcase audience engagement regarding your brand using Social Wall.

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social media wall for Christmas

Not even only on website, you can also display this social wall at your events, parties, shopping mall or retail store during Christmas or other festive seasons and occasions. To display your social media posts on TV screens at your retail store, event or party, you need to set up a social wall with a digital screen. With the help of a social wall, you can display your user-generated content, reviews, offers, contest winners, etc.

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To create the best social wall for your website or store, you can try Aggreto. Aggreto is a social media aggregator and UGC platform that allows you to collect, curate and display your social media feeds at one place.

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8. Create Christmas video campaigns

Video contents are the most sharable content on social media nowadays. So, it is not a bad idea to create a Christmas video campaign. We can see many brands that they implemented Christmas video campaign in their marketing efforts and generated enormous engagement.

Do you remember Air Canada’s #ACGiftofHome campaign? They shared a video during the holiday season and in this video, two Air Canada pilots visit Maple Leaf London Pub and surprised everyone. They offer a free round trip ticket to every Canadian who present there so they can visit their home in Canada for the holiday season.

This Christmas video campaign received massive positive responses from people. Apart from Air Canada, Kate Spade (#MissAdventure), Marks and Spencer (#FollowTheFairies) and John Lewis (#ManOnTheMoon) are the biggest examples of successful Christmas video campaigns.

9. Send Christmas greetings

Christmas greetings can be a great way to personally connect with your audience. Plan newsletters and create personalized mailers. The emails can be scripted in a way that also subtly talks about your brand or its products and services. The visuals can be themed around the Christmas colors green, red and silver. Make sure you choose appropriate fonts and layout that best communicates about your brand and its identity. Include offers, discounts in greeting mails.

10. Target audience via demographic, interest and location

If you are running stores that have a physical location then area-based targeting will be a good option for you. Run specific location-based ad campaigns on social media. If you wish to run ads on a broad location then create different sets or groups of ads with multiple locations. For example, you want to run ads in the USA then don’t create a combined ad group. Create multiple ad groups and target them with multiple cities. Also, filter your targeted audience according to demographics (age and gender) and interest. Create customize offers and ads for them.


We hope these social media marketing ideas will help you plan a successful strategy during Christmas that perfectly suits to your customers and brings positive results for your business. So spread positivity through your posts, promote sharing and connect with the right people – and you will not only get new customers but also expect brand loyalty from them in the long run.

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