How to Promote an Event on Social Media

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Social media is one of the best ways to spread buzz & excitement for an upcoming event. It is a powerful tool to gain exposure, whether you’re hosting a physical conference or an online event. It’s not enough to merely engage with your audience through the event, you want possible conversions after the event too. We’ve gathered a list of 5 ways which are useful for promoting an event on social media. Read to know more-

#1. Create a Highlights Video from Previous Events

Videos are a medium to communicate the energy of an event visually. Attractive visuals with a popular audio are a combination that drives registration & excitement for the event. Sharing a highlights video on social media from previous years is an excellent social media event idea.

Always keep your target audience in mind when designing the video. Your video must convey the value of your event to prospective attendees. Your audience must understand the ‘need’ of attending the event by seeing the video. They must see the potential benefit of attending the event.

Share your video on different video platforms like YouTube & Vimeo as each platform has its own advantage, so take advantage of that. Cross-promote your highlights video on social media & widen its reach to the global audience.

Share your video on different video platforms like YouTube & Vimeo as each platform has its own advantage, so take advantage of that. Cross-promote your highlights video on social media & widen its reach to the global audience.

Promote your video on your website, in your newsletter, on the blog & with affiliates. Give it more & more exposure to drive a remarkable turnout & engagement for your event.

#2. Invest In Tools to Simplify Your Event-Processes

If you haven’t worked upon effective planning & strategizing before the event & the bandwidth of your resources doesn’t allow for active social media posting during the event, then this social media event idea is for you.

Invest in social media tools that break down your social media strategizing into parts. Plan & schedule content for social sharing with social media tools to be more efficient in your processes. You cannot possibly be online twenty-four hours a day, so use tools that can help you plan, organize, & schedule your posts. Let the tools take over and aggregate different types of content for your event.

Social media aggregator tool helps you in finding fresh engrossing content for your event. Bookmark blog posts or videos that relate to your event. Schedule social media posts for before, during & after the event.

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#3. Harness the Power of Visual Testimonial

One of the finest event promotion ideas is to depict great feedback, comments & statements of event guests & speakers via visual testimonials. The power of displaying testimonials visually is absolutely impact-driven. This positive word of mouth convinces the targeted audience that previous year event attendees & speakers had a great time at the event & gears them up for the upcoming event.

Create simple graphic images with these testimonials & positive feedback by also mentioning the commenter & statement provider. Share these graphics in your marketing campaign, mailers, social platforms & blog posts. Attributing the commenter & mentioning his social handle creates transparency & authenticity in the testimonial.

You can also design a testimonial video. Videos are extremely effective & inspiring. They capture the attention of the audience instantly.

#4. Share Behind the Scenes Content

The use of social media at events is ever increasing. However, we recommend a social media event marketing strategy that is even more lucrative. A lot of sweat & blood goes into making an event successful. Give your audiences a glimpse into the exciting & fun-filled experiences by sharing images & videos of the preparations going on. Behind the scenes is an excellent strategy to connect with your potential audience organically.

Share stories, pictures & videos of how everything is being put together for the big event day, share authentic moments & challenges you face. Sharing behind the scenes humanizes the brand-customer experience & makes you relatable.

Posting behind-the-scenes is a great way to generate buzz & boost engagement. It builds a connection by giving a sense of being an ‘insider’ to the guests for the event.

#5. Create Individual Images Introducing Each Guest Speaker

A social media event idea that keeps your content interesting is to create individual graphics that introduce your guest speakers exclusively. Each guest speaker deserves his fame & this way you get multiple images (& content) to promote your event.

Include key event information & speaker details on your graphic, feature the achievements of your guest speaker & shower spotlight on him. You can request or your guest speaker may willingly share the graphic with his audience too, which means your event information is reaching a wider audience.

What event promotion ideas does your business follow? Share with us!

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