Best Instagram Tools to Embed Instagram Photos on Website


Millennials today are obsessed with images and media-based content and that’s what makes Instagram such a huge success.

The growing vogue of Instagram has presented it as an impeccable platform to market themselves.

Instagram is a marvelous platform to share your brand stories, has its own analytics tool and encourages audience participation.

Embed Instagram Photos on Website

Not just on the platform itself, Instagram is of a great utility for brands using it on their websites.

Since Instagram is all about photos, this guide will introduce you to an array of tools that help you embed Instagram photos on websites.

Instagram Photo Display Tools

Come, let’s have a look!

#1. Aggreto

Instagram Wall Aggreto - Embed Instagram Photos

Instagram marketing is one of the major shifts in the era of social media and an Instagram aggregator like Aggreto is just the tool that you need to aid your Instagram networking on your websites.

Aggreto lets you display your Instagram activity on your websites by embedding Instagram photos and snaps fetched through hashtags and other sources.

It is like dedicating a section of your website to Instagram feeds that will display beautiful and vibrant user-generated content for your brand.

Now, why should you use Aggreto?

Well, the benefits are multiple of course! Starting with, it adds colors and a vibrant element to your website that sells your content in the first place and holds the users’ attention.

Secondly, it’s not just about how great your website would look after embedding Instagram feeds instead it also adds value to your website content. The overall relevancy of your web pages is drastically enhanced with the user-generated content being displayed through the embedded Instagram wall.

Thirdly, Aggreto comes with incredible marketing features like multiple aggregating channels, moderation, customization options, analytics reports, and others. It is a must-try tool if you wish to display Instagram photos on your website in the most creative and engaging manner.

#2. SnapWidget


When you intend to merge Instagram with your website, you need a tool that entails multiple widgets, each being distinctive and with its special characteristics and attributes.

SnapWidget lets you filter your Instagram photos by username, adds photos location map, creates slideshows of your selected Instagram snaps, provides scrolling header, and so much more.

It is free to use, easy and quick to set up, highly customizable, and easy to upload too! All you need to do is give in your Instagram login details and click on “Get Widget” and the tool will provide you with HTML Code to upload on your website or blog.

#3. Instagram Official Embedding

Instagram Official Embedding

Instagram, escalating its applicability spectrum provides its users with the functionality of embedding the Instagram feeds and photo posts on your website.

As it is Instagram’s official embedding, hence it is one of the most trusted ways of integrating your Instagram on your website. It is easy, simple, and trusted.

All you need to do is visit the post you wish to embed and get the embed code and copy it. Paste it in the backend of your website where you wish to embed Instagram photos.

#4. 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed

What would you say for a tool that easily presenting a customizable Instagram feed on your website? I would say bring it on! The 10Web social photo feed plugin offers you exactly the same.

It allows you to present your Instagram profile feeds in a most stunning way. The users can use beautiful layouts such as thumbnails, masonry, image browser, blog style, infinite scroll and many more with this Instagram photo feed plugin. It not only helps you create attractive Instagram galleries but also helps you attract your fans/followers to your website.

This is the most advanced and user-friendly WordPress Instagram plugin. The 10Web social photo feed plugin is also SEO-friendly. You can easily download this plugin and display the beautiful Instagram galleries on your website.

#5. LightWidget


LightWidget is a tremendously helpful tool for embedding Instagram feed on your website. It is famously known as the “Responsive Widget for Instagram” owing to its highly responsive designs.

Not just SEO friendly but also being highly customizable, LightWidget is a great tool if you wish to embed responsive, attractive, and engaging Instagram feed on your website.

#6. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram

Another great and surprising tool that comes to mind with the intention of embedding Instagram feeds on any website is 4K Stogram.

What makes 4K Stogram unique as compared to others is its backup feature that allows you to display Instagram photos and feeds from private accounts even if they have been deleted from the respective accounts.

You can also create a collage of your Instagram photos and embed them on your website in the way you like. Displaying user names or comments is completely at your discretion.

#7. Instush

Instush Embed Instagram Photos

Another handy tool to collaborate your Instagram presence with your website is Instush. It is a fun, simple, and super-easy way to embed Instagram photos and feeds on your website.

It boasts many distinctive features like designing wallpapers from Instagram photos, attractive Instagram gallery designs, moderation using precise account selection, hashtags, etc.

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Attaining the top positions in search results is no easy task and maintaining is even more difficult. Embedding Instagram feeds on your website is one such vogue method to organically boost your website traffic.

The above-mentioned tools help you to beautifully integrate and display Instagram photos on your website in the most engaging way.

Create an Ultimate Live Instagram Wall for Website!

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