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When it comes to making a purchase decision, where would you go for trust? – Would you prefer a brand that has a good reputation or rely on customers’ feedback that already have used that product?

We need both, of course, but, more people like to trust the recommendation of other consumers or in other words “word-of-mouth marketing”. This is where user-generated content comes into play. User-generated content has many benefits, any brand, business, an individual can use it to increase its credibility.

User-generated content or UGC is any form of content that’s generated by users and consumers concerning a brand or product. UGC is created by unpaid contributors, and its authenticity makes the consumer the brand advocate as well.

User-generated content is usually produced or posted on social media platforms where it could be shared easily or can be reached to publicly. It includes mix type of UGC; it could be images, videos, texts, GIFs, testimonials, tweets, blogs, etc.

Why User-Generated Content?

There are many reasons why brands are exhaustively using UGC for their marketing purposes. In today’s marketing world, social media plays a very important role in the success of any marketing world.

In a survey, 76% of people said that they trust feedback and reviews shared by consumers more than brands.

According to BigCommerce, the regular use of customer testimonials can help brands to generate roughly 62% more revenue.

User-Generated Content Marketing

Many brands have frequently hosted successful UGC campaigns to boost user engagement and initiate a dialogue about the brand.

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Brilliant Examples of User-Generated Content Campaigns

Here are some of the best user-generated content campaign examples where brands successfully boosted brand awareness using winsome UGC campaigns. Come, let’s have a look.

1. Netflix – #Stranger_Things

Netflix is known for its online movies and Tv shows. Always Netflix does something interesting during new releases that generate buzz around it on social media. Likely, Netflix decided to promote its series- “Stranger Things” by inviting user-generated content entries from its fans.

As a result, fans of the famous TV show poured social media with amazing and creative content using simple hashtags like the title of the show itself #Stranger_Things. This inspired thousands of entries and the campaign attracted overwhelming responses from people all over social media sharing their real-life using similar hashtags.

2. Apple – #ShotOniPhone

What could be more compelling than genuine users vouching for the products they actually love? Apple was losing a huge chunk of fans due to its low light camera issues. Apple is one smart brand to use the user-generated marketing technique to gain user trust. So, Apple realized it and was quick enough to launch its UGC campaign #ShotOniPhone to regain its user’s trust.

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In results, #ShotOniPhone Champaign was proved as a game changer step for Apple. In this campaign, people were taking photos in low-light using their iPhones and share them on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Through this campaign, Apple not only received huge user-generated content but also regained the trust of users.

They also started contests for “Shot on iPhone” and announced the winners, who took the best photographs with their Apple’s Smartphone.

3. Starbucks – #WhiteCupContest

Starbucks is the forerunner in the race of utilizing the UGC campaigns and attract immense user engagement. In 2014, Starbucks motivated its customers to do some doodle creativity on white cups and share on Twitter with #WhiteCupContest. And announced, the winning design will be printed on Starbucks limited-edition cups. In a short time of period, Starbucks got fabulous responses from people and received immense UGC around the campaign.

After the huge success of #WhiteCupContest, they came up with a new #RedCupContest. This is a seasonal campaign; Starbucks launches it every December to promote its holiday themes – Red Cups. This was a perfect delight for the coffee lovers, where they can submit some interesting shots with Red cups and have a chance to win Starbucks gift cards.

The famous #WhiteCupContest and the seasonal #RedCupContest have gained the status of annual events now. Users engage tremendously and are excited to pour their creativity into the campaign. This helped to generate enormous social media activity around the brand and benefited it on the sales part too.

4. Adobe – #AdobePerspective

A multinational computer software company Adobe that is known for creating innovative software products and multimedia creations. Adobe started an Art Maker Series and launched campaign #AdobePerspective for talented designers, content creators, and artists, where they can share their creative work and skills with this hashtag on social media.

Adobe initiates this innovative UGC campaign to show off the capabilities of adobe products like Illustrator, Photoshop. Through this campaign, Adobe encourages talented designers to highlight their artwork skills using Adobe products.

Adobe used this user-generated content for its promotion activities where they use it as recommendations, feedback, and product capabilities. After this successful campaign, Adobe doesn’t stop here and launched a one more campaign #Adobe_InColor. This was the company’s Pride Month-themed UGC campaign that received 300 posts in the very first week of June’17.

When it’s come to best user-generated campaigns then Adobe’s campaigns are truly excellent examples of this. Adobe played smartly with it, as its campaign used the talent of their users and show the capabilities of their product. Through these authentic UGC campaigns, they beat their competitors so easily.

5. National Geographic – #WanderlustContest

A world leader in geography, cartography, and exploration. National Geographic is known for its dedication towards Nature and wildlife.

National Geographic is truly a master when it comes to leveraging the user-generated content. In 2015, National Geographic started its #WanderlustContest, this campaign was introduced to show the power of photographers and the innovative imagination of users.

It encouraged many wildlife photographers and users to share photos with the #WanderlustContest and the best chance to win a seven day National Geographic photo expedition to Yosemite National Park with a professional photographer.

This campaign received remarkable success and generated around 70K posts on Instagram. National Geographic also showcased these photos on their website in a slideshow format. This campaign was proved as a masterstroke for National Geographic.

Using User-Generated Content To Boost Sales (Infographic)

Using User-Generated Content To Boost Sales
Source – Marketing Land


Self and paid promotions are less effective nowadays. Also, brands are decrease dependency on tradition marketing and moving towards to modern trend that is UGC Marketing. If you are a brand and looking to boost credibility and reach then take inspiration from above mentioned User-generated campaigns and implement UGC in your day to day marketing.

Also, Which one is your favorite UGC campaign? Share with us in the comments box below.

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