What is User Generated Content? (and Why Shouldn’t It Be Ignored)

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Red Bull gives you wings.” When Red Bull was launched in 1987 with this simple yet impactful message, it ushered in different sentiments in people, as per their dreams and aspirations.

Red bull gives you wings

Red Bull marketed the concept of freedom, which everyone values, especially the younger generation, and this inspired people, both online and offline. People shared their real-life adventures on social media with Red Bull which the brand successfully published on its platform and utilized this user-generated content (UGC) for its marketing purposes.

This isn’t just some fancy fluke or a one-time user-generated media campaign. Instead, this is how Red Bull attracts user generated content. Red Bull constantly evolves itself around sports and outside activities, basically exciting lifestyle which clings with the millennial mindset and inspires them to share their exciting lifestyle and the adventures they experience with the world through Red Bull’s UGC platform.

So, What Is User Generated Content?

UGC Quote

So, basically User-Generated Content is any content created by unpaid contributors, mainly the fans of your brand and its products. It is normally created or posted online on social media platforms where it could be shared easily. It basically includes all kinds of user generated content that could be images, videos, texts, GIFs, testimonials, tweets, blogs, etc. In other words, it’s users marketing for a brand rather than the brand itself.

user generated content red bull

User-Generated Content (UGC), also known as Consumer-Generated Content (CGC) or earned media, is all about user experiences with your brand and sharing them on your platform. As a customer-focused brand, your customers are your best espouses. The most trusted form of marketing comes straight from the people that are known and trusted by your users. When your customers share their brand experience on social media platforms, they become an extension of your marketing team.

Marketing professionals generally employ three types of user-generated content for their promotional activities. These are –

  • Feedbacks- These are more open-ended and can be either positive or negative. But mostly positive feedbacks are showcased for marketing purposes. It could be in the form of Q&A or direct feedback from customers to the team directly.
  • Ratings/ Reviews- These are relatively straightforward. Brands allowing real-time feedback on product pages is one of the strongest forms of user-generated content marketing. This allows your website visitors to make informed decisions before making a purchase.
  • Images/ Videos- Mostly employed in e-commerce marketing but images/videos are also a success shot for B2B marketing. These can be as powerful as ratings and reviews. Displaying user-generated images adds another layer of trust and transparency to your brand.

Talking about the untamable power of UGC, seven out of every ten million social media users are influenced by their friend’s social media posts about products and services. This explains why social media campaigns which incorporate UGC enhance the user engagement of the brand by 50%. UGC is proved to enhance a user’s purchasing confidence and is much more interesting than any brand-created content.

What Makes UGC So Important And Why Shouldn’t It Be Ignored?

So, by now, we all know that UGC is the undebatable king in the marketing world. But why is it so important?

1. Increase Authenticity and Brand Advocates

Authenticity and user engagement are the top precedences for any brand. In order to achieve these, brands incorporate consumer-generated content into their marketing strategies. If utilized the right way, a consumer-generated marketing campaign can paint a positive and a genuine brand image, much better than any brand-focused campaign could.

Brand Advocates

If the marketing is done right, your customers could be your co-creators and not just that, even co-marketers. Customers are the most trusted advocates of a brand and by creating user-generated content is how they advocate for your brand. Brands actively encourage their customers to share their brand-oriented experiences and augment those experiences by knitting them into their own marketing strategies.

2. Give a Human Touch to Marketing

Customers are best marketers

One of the main advantages of incorporating UGC into your marketing strategy is that it puts your customers into the spotlight. This way you tell your brand story but through their voices. Your marketing is now done by your customers and not your employed salesman, hence more trust is generated. After all, why would the customers lie? This way you shape your brand along with your customers.

3. Generate Social Proofs

User Generated Content is the most trusted and excellent form of social proof that you could ever display to your users. This earned media is proof that you keep the promises that you made as a brand to your customers and how happy your users are with your products and services. This helps you to build authenticity and generate brand trust.

4. Budget-Friendly

UGC Budget Friendly

Marketing budgets are often restricted. User-Generated Content helps you to prevent a dent in your marketing budget. UGC is readily available on social media platforms where millions of people share images and videos online. When you source your extraordinarily attractive and engaging visual content from these social media platforms, then it costs very little or nothing at all.

5. Create a Community

create a community via UGC

User-Generated Content indicates your brand to be approachable and open to conversations. This helps to engage users and initiate engagement around your brand. Also, it helps to create a community around your brand. The stronger the community builds, the better is the user engagement and more loyal are your customers to your brand. Not only that, user-generated content helps you to enhance the ROI of your entire UGC marketing campaign in terms of user engagement and brand awareness.

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What’s Next?

We have covered all the possible information about User Generated Content in this article. Now it’s confirmed that in coming years, UGC will play a vital role for brands in their marketing efforts. So, what are you waiting for?

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