Why Wedding Planners Should Use a Social Wall

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Are you a wedding organizer planning an out of the box wedding for your most aspiring clients?

Then your mind must be flooding with ideas of what you can do and cannot do with the wedding event!

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the decoration part. Better the venue decoration is, more memorable are the wedding moments. A great tool that can enhance the decoration level of any wedding venue is a Social Wall.

Wedding Hashtag Wall - Wedding Planners

Just imagine how great it would be to display the candid moments of a wedding captured by its attendees and posted on social media? Sounds interesting right!

Come, let’s learn all about it.

What Is A Social Wall?

A Social Wall is a digital display screen that displays social posts or user generated content. These social posts are fetched via hashtags, mentions, URLs, and other channels from various social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is a great way to display live social media posts, images, and videos on a digital screen to your guests during the wedding.

Demo Example – Wedding Hashtag Wall 

A Social Wedding Wall is a multi-featured tool in itself. It is so dynamic that no wedding planner will ever regret using it for his/her wedding assignments.

It comes with amazing customization features to fit into the look and feel of the wedding decor, powerful moderation feature to keep the unwanted pictures and videos from getting displayed, and robust Analytics feature to track which platforms are mostly used by the wedding attendees to share their images and videos.

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Why Wedding Planners Should Try Social Wedding Walls

A Social Wall is a great tool to be used as a Wedding Photo Wall. It not only enhances the decor beauty of the wedding venue but also engages the invitees attending the wedding party. It displays the uncaptured, rare, and precious moments of the wedding which the photographer might have missed to capture.

Wedding Social Wall

It’s like looking at the wedding moments through the eyes of the wedding guests. Not only that, it is self-sufficient to become a successful selfie-spot. Guests readily click selfies with the Wedding Wall displaying their images and videos.

Also, a Wedding Hashtag Wall allows even those guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding to see moments of the wedding ceremony through the social media posts that the attendees post online using the Wedding Hashtag. All they need to do is search for the wedding hashtag online, and there it is, precious moments from the wedding ceremony. These same moments are displayed on the Wedding Hashtag Wall too. Hence, even those guests who are not physically present at the wedding can be a part of the wedding event.

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Choosing The Best Wedding Wall

The best one is not always the right one for you!

Not all the Social Wedding Walls that you intend to use as a Wedding Photo Wall are the same. Each comes with different sets of features and added benefits. Hence, it becomes quintessential to choose the best Social Wall to work as a Wedding Wall suited to your requirements.

wedding wall

All kind of guests come to a wedding ceremony. They click different types of pictures, record different sorts of videos. While some guests have the sensibility of what to upload over social media and whatnot but there are many other guests who don’t. They just use your wedding hashtag and start uploading all kind of visuals over social media. In that scenario, being the wedding organizer, the responsibility lies upon you to maintain the sanctity of the Wedding Wall. Hence, a powerful Moderation feature is a must-have while choosing a Social Wedding Wall.

Wedding Social Wall Moderation

On your wedding day, everything must go in sync. All your decorations would be for nothing if the Wedding Hashtag Wall doesn’t fit into the theme, look, and feel of the wedding venue decoration. Hence, a Social Wall must come with amazing Customization features that will allow you to decorate the Wedding Photo Wall according to the theme of your wedding venue. That will enhance the overall visual appeal of not just the Wedding Hashtag Wall but also the entire ambiance.

Every individual has active accounts over multiple social media platforms. So, when you ask the wedding guests to post their images of the wedding using the wedding hashtag, even after you specify the platforms, they end up posting it on various social media platforms. Hence, a Social Wall must be compatible with a wide range of social media platforms and should be able to aggregate the content from all of them.

Social wall by Aggreto

Other than these basic features, there are many other addon features like Wedding Banners, Tickers, Custom Posts, Random Pop-Ups, etc. that might add to the overall worth and functionality of your wedding wall.

So, what is it that is still holding you back? Give Wedding Hashtag Walls a try at your next wedding event and experience the happiness of your client reaching totally another level. Try Social Wedding Walls and make your next wedding event something really memorable giving its attendees a lifetime experience.

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