What is a Social Aggregator Tool? Your Top 7 Questions Answered

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Let’s begin with the utmost elementary question that is periodically googled by inquisitive folks and is maximally answered in blogs talking about social aggregator tools, oftentimes also known as social media aggregator and social content aggregator. Let’s commence-

What is a social aggregator tool?

Social aggregator tool - aggreto

A social media aggregator pulls social media posts from multiple social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. and displays them on website or live event screens using social wall. Aggregate all the content that the brand’s followers are tweeting, Instagramming or posting on any social media channel under a canopy with the social content aggregator tool, all of it to be globally accessed by people. It allows brands to create a social wall to turn multiple social media posts into a single social media feed to generate finer brand-centric advertising.

Q1. How are these posts pulled? Social media is a gigantic collection of posts, what about the posts concerning me or my brand only?

Never fear, the era of hashtags is here. Social media aggregator tool like Aggreto is capable enough to extract posts with a particular hashtag from social media channels. This social aggregator platform pulls together all user-generated content using a specific hashtag. For instance, add #whitecupcontest hashtag on Aggreto. In each and every post, where this hashtag has been used this social feed aggregator tool will collect them for you. Aggreto can also collect your branded content for you using your brand handles. Add your social channel username on this social aggregator tool and combine all branded content at one place.

Now introduce your unique hashtag but ensure that it is not already in use on social media. Your brand and its followers can make posts, tweet, Instagram and do ‘n’ number of things with the power of that unique hashtag. Now you’re good to go live, collect all user-generated content with ease.

Q2. What about the offensive content that’s aggregated from all the social channels? How will I or my brand be protected against it?

Social Aggregator Moderation Panel - Aggreto

With a social feed aggregator tool (another name for social aggregator) like Aggreto, you have the right to monitor and discard any content before it goes live on the social media wall. This social media aggregator tool is furnished with an internal quality check feature for content. Display only that content for community viewing that you approve and discard objectionable/offensive content out. Manual and automatic filtering options are a blessing with this social aggregator tools. A best social media aggregator tool must have some mandatory features such as profanity filter, automated moderation, and manual moderation to stop offensive content. Aggreto has all these features.

Q3. Are these posts come instantly?

It completely depends on 2 cases, which plan have you selected and have you enabled moderation or not?

Case #1

Aggreto has various plans for brands and all plans have different update times. For a start-up plan 24 hours, for basic plan 2 hours, for professional plan 1 hour, for business plan 30 min and for event plan up to 1 min.

Update Time – It shows how much time your next new posts will take to come on your social wall. Each and every plan has a different Update Time. Let’s consider a “Basic Plan” example, if you have new posts on Twitter and your subscription plan is a “basic plan” then your new posts of Twitter will take “2 hours” to come on social wall.

Case #2

Aggreto allows you to display posts instantly on your digital screen until you enable moderation on your posts. If you enable moderation on your posts then the upcoming posts will come in moderation panel first, from where you need to approve them manually to go live on screen.

Q4. What is the twist of unpaid yet authentic data by using social media aggregator?

user generated content collected by social media aggregator tool aggreto

Unpaid yet authentic data can also be referred to as user-generated content (UGC) in the social media world. User-generated content, a type of content that is generated by users, customer or followers at his own will and out of sheer admiration and connection with the brand. Because the content is an expression from the user directly, it is his experience or feedback he’s sharing with the brand, its outright authentic content.

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Q5. Now that I have aggregated UGC by a unique hashtag by employing the best social media aggregator, what’s next? Is it the end?

Before you believe that this is the end of the social media aggregator tool and its versatility, there’s more on your plate. After all of the success above, you can create a social wall with the social media aggregator tool and display all the UGC in a dramatic manner that matches your brand image.

Social media wall

Social media walls or social walls are a display of posts share by customers or users about the brand with its unique hashtag. A striking gallery of images, videos, experiences, feedback and more that fosters brand-user connection, interactive display and stays on the web forever only to be accessed by anyone wanting to know more about a brand.

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Q6. What kind of businesses uses social aggregator tools?

All kinds of businesses can use social media aggregator tools to increase brand trust among people. Small size businesses to large scale businesses can deploy it for their business marketing purpose.

Industries that can use it:

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Events management
  • Digital signage
  • Wedding industry
  • E-commerce Industry
  • Non-profits
  • Retail Industry

Some more use cases:

  • Hashtag Campaign
  • Events
  • Wedding
  • Conference
  • Website Embed
  • Office
  • Retail Display

Q7. Can I know some of the best social media aggregator tools?

Being a vault full of blogs, analysis, and researches, the web offers innumerable social media aggregator tools to match exclusive requirements of businesses, brands, and individuals. Be attentive to the features every hashtag aggregator (yet another name for a social aggregator tool) offers and opt for the one that entirely matches your specifications.

You may try Aggreto for all your needs. Collect, curate and display your social media content anywhere on any screen or website using Aggreto. It has many awesome features that allow you to give your social wall a stunning look and feel. Aggreto comes with many benefits for a business or brand:

  • It increases the trust over brands,
  • fill communication gaps between customers and brands,
  • balance the overall cost of the marketing campaign,
  • trigger the word of mouth marketing,
  • increase user engagement,
  • improves conversion rates,
  • enhances overall ROI
  • and manage activity regarding brand across various social media platforms.

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