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Social Media Aggregator Social Media Wall

Boost your Marketing Efforts with Interactive Social Media Wall

Aggreto is an easy and complete social wall tool that allows you to collect, curate and display social media content from multiple social media platforms. Create a stunning social media wall, embed your social feed on your website or display it on a screen at events, restaurants, hotels, church, shops, offices, conferences, etc. Aggregate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feeds on social stream wall, showcase the trust that you earned on social media and give a humanizing touch to your marketing efforts.

Tell your brand story to the audience

Display your brand's social proofs in an interactive way to your audience.

Increase audience engagement

Engage your website visitors and event audience with interactive social media feed wall.

Aggregate social media feeds

With this social media aggregator, collect content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and display on social wall.

Social media wall

Build brand trust

Build trust among people by displaying user generated content as a social proof.

Increase conversions rate

Display real reviews of genuine people and turn your audience into customers.

Generate massive exposure

Get huge popularity on social media and become a trending topic.

How does it work
social media board

Pull content from multiple social media platforms

Add your suitable social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn on social wall and collect content via hashtag, handle or URL.


Moderate, Customize and Design your social wall

Filter and remove any unwanted content (posts) or block any user in our powerful moderation panel. Customize the design of your social wall, add your own branding using banners. Add ticker, change the color of fonts, place background image and many more in our Custom design section.

custom media wall
social media display

Display or Embed your social wall

Embed your social media wall on your business & e-commerce website with simple code, or display this digital media wall on screens such as digital signage, projector, TV, billboard, jumbotrons during the event, conference, concert, wedding, convocation.

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Our Features
event wall

Beautiful Theme

Aggreto gives you a variety of beautiful themes for your social content wall for website embed or display screens. You can also customize your theme with our custom CSS feature according to your website layout or event theme combination.

social media wall event


Give an attractive look to your social media wall in our Custom design section. Where you can design a background, edit card style, change font style, change the color combination of cards and can add your own branding (brand logo) on a social wall.

social wall for events


Control your all social stuff easily. Filter and remove unwanted or vulgar content/post/feed in real-time in our powerful Moderation panel. You can discard any user, word, hashtag, and post with the help of automatic moderation where you can set rules for bad posts or users.

event photo wall

Custom Post/Announcement

Add your own custom post on your social wall without posting on social media with our Custom Post feature. Give a special space to your sponsors (show sponsors logo) and highlight anything (announcement, offers, news) special to your audience with our full-screen announcement.

social wall free

Responsive Design

Easily run on any size of display screen or website. We have responsive social content walls so you can display it on anywhere or any screen such as mobile phone, tablets, laptop, desktop, tv screens, digital signage, projectors, jumbotrons, billboard and many more.

interactive media wall

Hashtag, Handle & Page URL

Collect and curate your all social media feeds using a hashtag, handle or page URL from multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more on the live social media wall in real-time.

We Support These Networks

We support many social media networks, collect and curate your all social media content at one place in a quick time.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • RSS
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
Where can you use it?
social media wall hashtag

Hashtag Campaign

Give a jumpstart to your hashtag campaigns and boost the overall performance with our Instagram wall, Twitter wall, and live social media wall tool. Display your all social media hashtag feed of your hashtag campaign on a digital screen or embed on the website and spread more awareness.

social media wall for events


Showcase all your live social media posts on big or small digital displays via social wall during the event, conference, wedding, festivals, concerts, product launch, college convocations, church, and many more and increase audience engagement quickly.

social media wall for website


Embed your live social media feeds on your business or e-commerce website. Create a social media hub to show your social stories & build more trust among website visitors. Give them a reason to spend more time on website and improve your website SEO and dwell time.

social media display wall

Office Displays

Set up a social media wall for your office and display it at your office areas on digital signage. Use it for internal communication and give an interactive environment to your visitors, employees or guests. Encourage them to share their office-related experiences using social feed walls.

social media live wall

API Projects

Aggreto allows you to access social media content from all platforms with one social wall API solution. Our social wall API solution gives you complete control of visualizing social media content without limitations and saves development time and money.

social media wall display

Retail Display

Collect and display your user-generated social proofs, reviews, feedbacks of consumers in retail stores and shopping malls through the social stream wall and build trust among customers and increase sales.

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